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There is a lot of truth to this. Mind you, it isn't accurate on an entire scale, but it is accurate on the large scale. Companies will focus more on saving money, offering more minimum wage jobs than full time jobs. I'd love a job that offers work 5 days a week, and offers long hours for each of those days. All I want is my weekends. I of course, want benefits, like all full-time employees, but some businesses are sneaky and devious, and force you to sign a contract so you forfeit your benefits if you are on temporary leave, laid off, or fired, or retire and more... which says a lot. The world has become cruel, and employers have become too, having either lost all patience with what willing workers they can get or beginning in partaking in immoral cheapskate practices, what will you do with this pain?

A lot of Nintendo games had comic series and TV series to them long, long ago.
I wonder why Nintendo quit doing that?
This fan-made video is one of countless videos you make that shows there is great potential in short animated clips for these things alone.
You should probably work someday making not only advertisements, but helping make shows for these great game series.

Totally worth the watch. Fits the actual game quite well.

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Ah, its a decent game... short... basic... a diverse array of features, traps, monsters, puzzles, powers, but it has the same constant of music and even sound effects... which takes away from the charm... but the graphics have a nice charm.

A very simple, highly enjoyable, replayable game. Highly addictive, always more to learn and master, in spite of such basic mechanics.

Very good game. Your choices do not change the end of the story, or the long run of the story. However they will have minor small effects on the contents of the story. In the end, the game is more a straight forward visual novel than an actual game with any good or bad choices.

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I remember when this and the video came out on youtube on your channel. I feel your pain still. It can take a long time to recover sometimes.

MetalRenard responds:

Yeah, thanks Vinnito.
I wanted to make this song available for others to download and use. It just felt like the right thing to do.

The first half is enjoyable in my opinion, and I'm not sure what the fuss is about.
I can indeed complain its lengthy, and it is, a repetitive beat, but it is an intro meant to be as you said, an atmospheric composition, used as an opening.
I believe cutting the intro in half would be silly, 10 seconds is a-lot better, since it takes about that long for it to loop its sound.
On the latter half... I'm amazed you created something so wonderful! It could be a part of its own chiptune dedicated to similar compositions if you went to expand upon it in a future submission. It indeed attracted much attention and popularity, I enjoy it too.
While writing this review the whole song looped over 5 times. Cause I absorbed quite a bit each time I went and typed a sentence.

Well... it serves its purpose well... painful on the ears... and yet... somehow in the back of my mind I see art with this... that it maintains itself on a quality level without becoming ear grating junk is impressive as some people mistakenly create mindless noise rather than art when attempting things like this. Kudos for you for making art.

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Impressively well made, pretty well colored, and that you used colors that are bright help a lot considering the game was bright and colorful, the linework and shading is also good, shading is not easy with a well light brightly colored drawing.

PsychoMonki responds:


I really like this, but it seems the head's size of off proportions with the body.
Still, the style is good, and it makes the head thing perfectly okay and acceptable.
The pouches, bandolier like thing across his shoulders, the pole, all with trinkets, perfect for explaining the individuals job and interests.
The robe and shoes are well made too. Long run, this is good in general.

This is incredible! Love it! The extras are a really nice addition.

I love games, art, music, videos, I guess thats why I'm here. I tried making and programming simple games before, but most of them come out lousy. I tried drawing, painting, and sculpting, but that stuff comes out pretty mediocre. I guess I'm just a poet.

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